Faraye Elm CEO

Dariush Haft Baradaran - Faraye Elm CEO

The Manager of Faraye Elm Publishing Institute: As the founder of Faraye Elm Publishing Institute, Dariush Haft Baradaran has started his career since 2013, with the purpose of producing educational and storybooks for children and youths having a particular focus on promoting of the reading skill among them. He is a member of the Iranian Association of Writers for Children and Youths as well as the House of Literati. Baradaran is the founder of the PIRLS International Exams Modulator in Iran. Baradaran is concerned to provide an appropriate atmosphere for promotion of the reading skill among the Iranian children and youths. Reading skill is not only correct reading but also comprehension and using the content in our living. In this regard, and as a first step, the founder of Faraye Elm Publishing Institute implemented the plan for promotion of reading skills (PIRLS International Exams Modulator) in Iran. The plan has been implemented by the extensive presence of different schools from 22 districts of Tehran and other cities of Iran. From the statistics, it is evident that the plan has significantly influenced the educational progress of the students.